I can feel it now – more of it. Perhaps it is only because I know, because I read that by the time a woman gives birth she has approximately 50% more blood in her body. When I am lying down at night or when I am walking I am aware of the pressure, the volume increasing, my veins, like the rest of me, adapting to accommodate more.

I can see it now – more of them. Visible in the places that are pale or stretched, my chest and stomach and the inside of my wrists. I feel privy to something secret – this is the way a body looks under the skin.

We watched a birth video where the baby did not cry immediately and learned that even after the baby is born, the umbilical cord is still delivering oxygen to the baby through blood, so that if it takes a moment or two for the lungs to catch up the newborn is still breathing, the cord inhaling and exhaling.

It makes me feel so full full full of life, giving life, pumping breathing moving dancing life, woven and threaded life, coursing and delivering this life.